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Being Free Is Your Birth Right
Discover how to Take Your Power Back 

Fix Your Credit & Change your Life

This ebook will reveal your true identity, explain how the system operates, and uncover the reasons behind your debt. It will provide step-by-step guidance on repairing your credit without using your own money—only knowledge. With this knowledge, you can effectively improve your credit profile in less than 60 days. You'll discover how powerful knowledge truly is.

Solutions inside Ebook

  • Learn Consumer Law Principles

  • Learn How To Fix Your Credit

  • Gain Access to Personal and Business Funding

  • Steps of starting your own LLC 

  • The Steps Of Becoming A Secure Party Creditor

  • How to Use Lawful Money to Discharge Debts

  • Techniques to recover your funds from any financed endeavor


What you'll learn

  • Understanding the UCC Codes

  • Learning how to apply the knowledge to your consumer report

  • Who are the Credit Bureaus and why do they exist

  • Understanding the concept of a Strawman

  • What is the Cestui Que Vie Trust Fund

  • What is Legal tender and lawful money

  • Debt discharge versus payment of debt

  • Steps to access your trust fund as a Secured Party Creditor

  • Insights into the 1099-A filing process

50+ Free Ebook Bonuses

After Purchase

  • Do it Yourself Fix your credit Guide

  • 24hr Inquiry Wipe

  • Business Funding Guide

  • Private Vendor List (A list of Lenders and Vendors that will Approve you for funding and help you build your business credit

  • Practical steps for improving your credit, with available templates

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