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Being Free Is Your Birth Right
Discover how to Take Your Power Back 


You lack control over your life because you don't know who you are. Since birth, you've been trapped as a slave to the system, always in debt. But there's a way out. This ebook will show you who you are, how the system works, and why you're stuck in debt. It'll guide you to becoming a secure party creditor which will allow you to discharge any debit legally.

With this knowledge, you can finally assert your financial rights in the system.​

Solutions inside Ebook

  • Learn The Steps Of Becoming A Secure Party Creditor

  • How to Use Lawful Money to Discharge Debts

  • Techniques to recover your funds from any financed endeavor

What you'll learn

  • Understanding the concept of a Strawman

  • Diving into the intricacies of the Cestui Que Vie Trust Fund

  • Differentiating between Legal Tender and Lawful Money

  • Exploring Debt Discharge versus Payment of Debt

  • Unveiling the steps to access your Trust Fund as a Secured Party Creditor

  • Insights into the 1099a filing process

Bonuses Inside Ebook!!

  • Do it Yourself Fix your credit Guide

  • 24hr Inquiry Wipe

  • Business Funding Guide

  • Private Vendor List (A list of Lenders and Vendors that will Approve you for funding and help you build your business credit

  • Practical steps for improving your credit, with available templates

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You'll receive this E-book once you've purchased 

Being Free is Your Birthright 

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